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    title: Pooping on a vegetable desc: Sexy girl is pooping on a vegetable. Maybe she wants to make a good natural salad and eat it later. To bad that we can't see how she eats it…
    title: Poo and pee desc: Gay guy dressed like a women sits in the bathtub near a pile of brown shit. He starts peeing on it so he can easily smear it on his dick later.
    title: Two girls pooping desc: Japanese girls are always weird…am I right? In this video we can see two hot Japanese girls that are pooping on the same plate so they can smear it later…
    title: Poop in a blue bucket desc: Old gay guy takes a big shit in a blue bucket. I bet that he's going to smear/eat that shit later…am I right?
    title: BBW girl peeing desc: Huge women pees in a plastic bucket so she can drink it later. It's sad that she didn't smeared some shit on her big tits…right?
    title: Fresh piss in a plastic bowl desc: Fat guy fills a plastic bowl with fresh piss. He did that because he's going to drink it later…instead of beer. Awesome.
    title: Drinking his own piss desc: This guy pees in a glass because he wants to drink it later. I know this guy from scat video…he's actually well known on the internet.
    title: Hard turd on a white napkin desc: Middle aged man drops a hard turd on a white napkin. He did that because he's going to eat it later…nice.
    title: Shit in public toilet desc: Teen guy is pooping hard in a public toilet. He records it because he's going to masturbate while watching himself pooping, later on.
    title: Shit in a plastic bowl desc: Smoking hot Asian girl is pooping in a plastic bowl. After that she pees over it so she can drink that scat later…
    title: Poop on your slave desc: Sexy redhead Asian mistress is torturing her male slave in an unique way. She drops a big shit on his face…and she force him to eat it later…
    title: Shit in a plastic box desc: Teen girl is pooping a big turd in a white plastic lunch box. I bet that she's going to eat/smear that fresh shit later…
    title: Creamy shit on a plate desc: Skinny girl dropped a small pile of creamy shit on a white plate. I bet that she's going to smear it later on her entire body…
    title: Creamy poop in plastic bowl desc: Teen girl is pooping in a plastic bowl. She fill it up with creamy poop. I bet that she's going to smear/eat it later…
    title: Big turd on her hands desc: BBW girl dropped a big turd on her hands because she's going to smear/eat that fresh shit later…trust me on that…
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